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Vow No. 1

(Bride�s Name), I am proud to take you as my wife for all of the time we
have been together
There has always been the kind of love and understanding which is
only shared when there is true love.
You have helped me triumph over challenges presented
Encouraged my personal growth and boosted my self esteem
You have helped me become the person I am today
and with your help I will be a better man, tomorrow than I was yesterday.
I love the way you love and care for me.
I love the way you trust and totally believe in me.
I love the way you always look your very best for me.
I love you now and I love my life with you.
Today as we begin our lives as husband and wife.
I totally commit myself to you.

(Groom�s Name), I take you as my husband. To say I love you is not
to try to condense the depth of my feelings into a few words is impossible.
It doesn’t tell of the respect I have for you as an individual,
nor how I appreciate how tender and caring you really are
nor the joy I find in your warm laughter,
nor the tears I hold back for your pain,
nor the strength you give when I need it the most,
nor the pleasure I feel in your gentle touch.
But if to say, �I love you� means all these things.
Then let me say �I love you more each day�.