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General Information on Ceremonies

If you are going to be married in a church then you will usually be expected to follow the standard ceremonies, which that particular religious order generally follows. I say generally, not wanting to ruffle any feathers. Even in the most strict religious orders you, the Bride and Groom, do have a say in what happens in the church. So ask, �What choices do we have? Can we change and or alter anything in the ceremonies?� I�m very sure if you ask in a polite manner that you will be given every opportunity to have an input into your ceremony for your wedding day.

With a minister or non-denominational ceremony, the choice is wide open. You have a choice as to what takes place, where, when and how.

Most Ministers who I know, will certainly offer you a choice of ceremonies, readings and vows and if you wish will assist you in writing or composing your very own ceremony.

It is not that difficult. Again follow a few guidelines. Ask the person who is going to conduct or perform your ceremony and it�s really very easy.

In this book �Wedding Ceremonies Galore and Much Much More� I have provided many various ceremonies, readings and vows so that you can choose from them.

The ceremony should basically consist of an Introduction, Reading, Personal Vows, Ring Vows, and Presentation or the couple.

I know this may sound rather basic and very simple and it is. In the next few pages you will truly see how easy and simple it is. Always remember everything is changeable and can be altered to suit your particular needs, likes and dislikes.

I cannot emphasize strongly enough that this is going to be your day of days so, please remember, DO IT YOUR WAY.

Quite a formidable title but what is it and what does this form do?
This form or license gives the minister or officiant permission for you to get married within the official legal parameters of the country where you reside.
Basically what this form does is commit you and the person who is going to perform your ceremony together. Yes it is a legal form and a very important form. A very important step that needs to be followed and this can not be emphasized strongly enough. Some of the information here relates to people living in the united States of America, for those in other countries you will need to consult your Department of Births Deaths and Marriages or its equivalent name.

This form needs to be given to the person who is going to perform your ceremony as soon as you have it issued and preferably not on the day of the marriage.