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Transport to and from your respective homes, Church, Reception center and to the Hotel or wherever, really needs to be thought about.

There are lots of Limousine companies and some have really superb Vintage cars. If you really want to be different how about arriving on a Harley motorcycle, or by horse and carriage?

Whatever your preference please plan it and seek guidance on the time and route that you will take, remember the bride does need to be on time. Who ever came up with the �It�s traditional for the bride to be late�, should be shot! I�d really like to reverse it and make it �It�s traditional for the bride to be early� and catch out all the guests who arrive 20 minutes and even 30 minutes late. Yes, they do!

So you�ve arrived at the reception and you are tired and really want to get into a nice warm bed. Oh dear, I know let�s call a taxi. Now it�s 11:30 at night. What time do you think taxi operators are at their busiest. Yes you guessed it, 11 pm onwards. Plan your journey. Book in advance. With computers these days, which most of the taxi fleets operate under, the possibility of the taxi car not arriving is fairly remote, although it does happen. I�ll not say that it doesn�t, all I�m saying is, that it is very remote.