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Wedding Ceremonies Galore and Much, Much More

Compiled by Reverend Robert – S: Joy Ph.D.


So you�ve decided to get married —- NOW WHAT. The object of this book is that you the Bride and Groom, will have all the information necessary to be able to make decisions about your wedding ceremony, and what could be the most interesting and exciting decision of your life — getting married and living happily ever after. Yes it does exist!


So many, many times I pick up the phone and hear these same words, �We�ve decided to get married, but don�t know what to do.� It�s a cry or plea for assistance, so I thought with well over 20 years in the marriage industry, who better than me to write a book on this complicated and exciting adventure! Here is the result. I�ve tried to cover all the steps without making the journey complicated and I�ve tried to make it easy without seeming to talk down to you. Please give me feed back. This is very honestly requested.


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