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Annette S.

Dear Dr. Kai,

I wanted write and thank you for all the incredible help you’ve given me. TalkDoctors was a lifeline in a time of need. At an incredibly vulnerable time in my life, you made getting help easy and painless, and from the moment I met you I knew, through your professionalism, expertise and empathy, I was in safe hands. My initial opinion has proven, if anything, to be an under evaluation. You have guided me through tough times, teaching me coping mechanisms and skills that will last me a lifetime, always with gentle guidance to help me deal with the here and now while assisting me to achieve a healthy, positive, productive and happy life.

Thank you for caring so much and vesting so much of yourself in your job and profession. I wanted and needed to express, that I really appreciate the extra mile you go. Being in the health care field myself, I know there are all levels of patient/client care that one can give to their profession, both in the level of expertise, as well as their level of empathy, and how much they really care about their client. I know practicing at a high level of any of these, not only takes a high level of skill, but also a personal commitment to one’s job and is much more work and care than just going through the motions, no matter how technically correct. You go way beyond the “call of duty” in all of the above, thank you.

Very Sincerely,

Annette S.