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Mark F. Hostetter, Lt Col, USAF

To Whom It May Concern,

I take great pleasure in providing a letter of recommendation for Dr. Kai. I have known Dr. Kai for six months in his capacity as the Johnston Island Mental Health Care Provider. During his tenure on the island Dr. Kai has been insturmental in the well-being and morale of over 900 island residents coming from all walks of life and all regions of the world.

Dr. Kai quickly endears himself to everyone he meets and builds rapport condusive to open and genuine interaction. He was indispensable during the island closure process when so many people were faced with relocation to a radically different lifestyle. He provided counseling and support to many people who had been separated from family and mainstream society for as much as 18 years on a remote island. His efforts greatly diminished the anxiety and readjustment time our people went through during transition. It was his ability to relate to so many different kinds of people that encouraged anyone in need to seek his services.

Dr. Kai was instrumental in identifying and correcting a seriously negative trend of alcohol abuse on the island. His pro-active approach and solutions of the problem quickly impacted the entire island population. Within 30 days, alcohol-related accidents and injuries were reduced by 75 percent.

He also proved himself in one of the worst crisis situations in island history. Dr. Kai immediately began counseling personnel involved with the recovery of a shark attack victim. He then established a crisis counseling center and an information campaign that reached all the island inhabitants.

In all these situations Dr. Kai performed admirably and was directly responsible for the successful outcomes sought by management. Dr. Kai has proven himself to us on many occasions; he has earned my confidence as a commander and friend.


Mark F. Hostetter, Lt Col, USAF