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Why Talk Doctors?

TalkDoctors is a safe place to get help with many of life’s problems. If you are experiencing relationship or family problems, traumatic events, anger issues, codependence, drug or alcohol problems, stress, work-related concerns, a lack of personal growth or spiritual development, or major life obstacles; you came to the right place!

TalkDoctors provides you with professional help from the comfort and privacy of your home, office, or car. TalkDoctors is a practical form of problem solving which offers relief from the effects of difficult life situations.

Sometimes just taking that first step to talk to someone gets you started, and often you can manage independently from there. During the initial consultation we will help you determine whether you need more help than TalkDoctors can offer and if so, we will help you find the help you need.

Ask a Question, Get More Answers

Free Talk Doctors Service
All of us struggle with common questions. We welcome visitors to submit their questions via email. We select some each month and post answers here.

The answers given will either be research based, or will represent the experience of the TalkDoctors professionals. The answers given should not be viewed as the only possible answers to the questions asked. Where relevant, TalkDoctors will recommend literature to provide additional perspective to the questions asked.

The Question and Answer portion of the TalkDoctors service can be useful through offering education, normalization, clarification, and direction. it is not intended to be a substitute for consultation or coaching. Further, it is not intended to replace psychotherapy for those who need it.