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June 29, 2013

Positive thinking is more than a mood changer. Positive thoughts vibrate at higher frequencies than neutral or negative thoughts, allowing expanded access to the pools of coexisting possibilities within the quantum wave functions (which vibrate at extremely high frequencies). The more positive we are, the higher the vibrational frequency, and the more aware we become of the pools of coexisting possibilities from which to create life. Negative emotions narrow our focus in order to help us survive. If we take the time to think the situation through when there is an eminent threat we will die. Therefore, negative emotions, such as fear and anger, intentionally limit our possibilities to only those that will help us survive (like running if there is a tiger on our path). However, in the absence of a legitimate threat, negative emotion is wasted and enters the service of the ego where it serves no real purpose. That’s right, negative emotions are not really negative, but are strategically created survival mechanisms which are only intended to be experienced when there is a real threat. Negative emotions narrow our focus and perceived possibilities to only those that will help us survive in the moment. So, when we experience negative emotions, we are in survival mode (fight or flight), and the range of our thoughts is extremely limited. Here is a wonderful article including references to research studies, presenting another angle on this perspective.
From a psychological perspective, positive thinking makes it easier to break free of the ego and access the true self. From a physical perspective, positive thinking improves health, performance, and possibilities. From a spiritual perspective, positive thinking elevates our consciousness to higher vibrational frequencies, which brings us closer to the vibrational frequencies of universal consciousness. From a scientific perspective, positive thinking increases our awareness of and access to the quantum wave functions (along with their pools of coexisting possibilities) before they reduce down to a single outcome. This reminds me of a happy song I wrote and recorded, Island Angel which on a material world level represents the joy of sharing an island experience with a friend; and on a spiritual level the joy of being connected. Positive thinking is more than a mood changer.