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June 28, 2013

Imagine that your thoughts are being recorded. Since thought input technology already exists for computers (thought-directed input, rather than keyboard, touch pad, or voice dictation), what would happen if your thoughts were captured on video or audio? Are you even aware enough of them to know? Although it will probably be a few years before there is an iPhone app to read and record thought, this is something to consider carefully. Would you want others to know what you are thinking? Why spend time thinking things you would be ashamed of, embarrassed by, or imprisoned because of if made public? Just as it would change the world if people would say only those things about others that they would say to their face, it would change the world even more if people only thought things they wanted others to know about. Imagine the decrease in terrorism, rape, and robbery. Since anxiety and depression are largely based on thought patterns, imagine how much happier people could feel, and how much less tension there would be in the world; if they controlled and focused their thought on positive, healthy, balanced things. Well, there is no need to wait the 3-5 years until the iPhone apps are released. Why not start now? Become aware of your thoughts, change the ones you would not want to be remembered by, focus on acceptance, joy, hope, and enthusiasm; and change your life right now. To learn more about this and other technology game changers, please check out this article This reminds me of a song I wrote and recorded, Fallen Angel which, on a material world level, is about how over-thinking destroyed a relationship, and on a spiritual level how repetitive thought blocked access to spirit and universal consciousness. Imagine that your thoughts are being recorded.