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June 23, 2013

If you buy the darkness others are selling, then it will diminish your light. Defensiveness covers up or externalizes the truth about things that people do not want to see. The most common defense, projection, results in people accusing, blaming, attacking, and judging others for what they themselves have done; while simultaneously claiming to be right and acting like a victim. For them, this helps them avoid responsibility, feel right, and even believe they are a victim; all at someone else’s expense. If we are sensitive, caring, responsible, compassionate, and honest then we may believe such projections to be true (because they accuse us of something, we may believe it). If we are in a relationship or family with someone who does this, and if we believe all or part of their projections to be true; then it can begin lowering our self esteem, impacting our confidence, causing us to feel guilty or unworthy, generating health problems, and/or creating issues in us like inadequacy. On spiritual and physics levels, truth vibrates at a very high frequency, and the vibrational frequency of projective delusion is quite low (light+truth=higher consciousness and darkness+delusion=lower consciousness). If you believe you may be living your life like this (avoiding responsibility and projecting blame on others), then seek help for this destructive problem. It can be overcome. If you believe you are on the receiving end of such projection, then there are few simple steps you can take to clear your mind and move forward. 1. Objectively look at the situation to see if what you are being accused of/blamed for is true. 2. If so, then take responsibility for it. 3. If not, then acknowledge this to yourself and do not engage with the accuser (walk away, acknowledge understanding without agreeing, etc.). 4. If it is not true, do not believe it (no matter how many times it is said or done). 5. Keep a private journal outlining the process (always resolving with truth/never ending journal entries on projective contents). 6. If you need support understanding the truth or breaking the habits, contact a trusted therapist or spiritual teacher. Remember, self acceptance is the first step in spiritual development; and in order to accept ourselves we must clearly understand the truth of who we are (and who we are not). Overthinking can prevent the awareness of truth, so be careful to think it through only until arriving at the truth, allow yourself to feel whatever this truth generates, and then continue moving forward toward the light (without continuing to repetitively think about it). Once you have determined your truth, then let it go and move forward. This reminds me of a song I wrote and recorded entitled Overanalyzing On a material world level it is about the destructive effects overthinking can have on relationships and self esteem. On a spiritual level it is about how the mind can interfere with our ability to access universal consciousness through spirit. If you buy the darkness others are selling, then it will diminish your light.