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June 22, 2013

Acceptance of the self is a prerequisite to the acceptance of others. When people have unresolved core personality issues, especially those related to perceptions of self; then their capacity for accepting others is directly correlated to their capacity for accepting themselves. Such personality issues could include inadequacy/inferiority, control, rejection/abandonment, and victimization. The human mind, through defensiveness, often prevents people from seeing these issues within themselves. However, one way you can recognize when someone is projecting in this way is through their defensive projection upon another. In other words, if someone feels deeply inadequate, compensates for it by pretending to be right all the time, never admits their mistakes, but is always finding fault with others; then this points to the unresolved inadequacy issue within this person. Finding fault with others is the defensive projection of this person’s own inadequacy issues (defenses prevent the person from seeing it within themselves, and project it outward so they see it in others instead). Be careful not to get sucked into believing that such projections are true about you, or reacting to them with your own defensiveness. If you do, then all truth is lost. Since acceptance is the first step in spiritual development, it must begin with acceptance of the self. Acceptance of the self is a prerequisite to the acceptance of others.