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December 1, 2013

Wow! It’s December and the holidays are swirling, spinning, and glittering all around us; sparking joy, excitement, and laughter; and for some depression and stress. The new year brings new hope, new promise, and new motivation to grow and change. Exercise may be the single best practice to help keep us healthy and happy, so why not start it now? If we do, it could help us manage the holidays more effectively and enjoy them more fully. And, rather than making it your New Year’s resolution, why not do it now and let it power another resolution related to something like improving your marriage, getting a better job, focusing on studying music, art, or writing; or finding a sweet, loving partner? Here are the top ten research-based reasons to exercise (besides the obvious weight loss and muscle building benefits). Exercise is a proven : 10. memory generator, 9. posture improver, 8. confidence builder, 7. stress reducer, 6. sleep inducer, 5. energy booster, 4. sexual enhancer, 3. illness decreaser, 2. longevity promoter, and 1. happiness maker. So, if you haven’t started yet, DO IT NOW! Take a walk, pump those weights, hit the gym, go on a hike with your family, take a ski vacation, go paddling, surfing, or swimming; climb on that lonely treadmill; or go rock climbing with a friend. You can do it, it will help you, and the time is now! Happy Holidays everyone!