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November 28, 2013

As holiday magic insidiously crept into my awareness this week, and as I began quietly reflecting upon the great abundance of things I am thankful for; I was again reminded that I am grateful for the trauma, pain, and suffering I have experienced as well as the success, pleasure, and love. My beautiful, loving wife; my wonderful parents; my sweet, loyal friends; the healing work I love; my music, poetry, and writing; my amazing doberman children; my gorgeous seaside home; my health; my boundless energy; my mind, body, and spirit; are some of the many things I am thankful for today. I also feel gratitude for being run over by a car, losing my vision, being assaulted numerous times, being hit by a drunk driver, being targeted within a work organization because I was a whistle blower, and more; because these experiences helped broaden my perspective, redirect my focus toward the light of awakened consciousness, deepen my empathy and compassion for others, put my beliefs about myself to the test, and unequivocally demonstrate that we co-create our existence thought by thought. What are you thankful for today? My hope is that we all discover the meaning in our suffering, and realize that it is equally as important to our development as the obvious successes. My other wish is that we all realize that, through higher consciousness, we can choose the life we live eternally. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!