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September 25, 2013

Don’t settle for less than love, for you are worthy. In a marriage, real love is patient, accepting, strong, forgiving, non-judgemental, non-controlling, respectful, stable, romantic, sensual, faithful, and kind. When in love we feel treasured, cherished, encouraged, supported, and prized. Research suggests that it only takes 15 minutes to know if you are physically attracted to someone but six months to really know if you are in love. If you are not yet married and find yourself in a questionable relationship, please take the time to look at it through truth, clear thought, and confidence. Did you take your time to get to know your partner, or did you plunge right into sex and then make everything else seem like it was exactly what you wanted it to be? Is it? Are the elements listed above within your “love?” If not, then now is the time to detach, examine, and decide. Many people stay in a “dead end” relationship because they believe they do not deserve anything better, won’t find anything else, are afraid of making their partner angry, don’t think they could make it on there own, got pregnant, are addicted to sex, don’t want to look like a failure to others, don’t want to let others down, don’t want to be alone, and more. If you are not yet married, these are not reasons to stay in a relationship. Either work on the relationship to see if it truly contains the above elements, or leave it and find one that does. It is much easier to deal with such problems before getting married than after. Don’t just settle because it is easier and then sentence yourself to a life of unhappiness. It is better to be alone than to be with someone else and be unhappy or hurt all the time. You can do it. If you are being abused in any way, this is a big red flag to break away. You can do it, and you deserve better. This reminds me of a song I wrote and recorded, Don’t Feel Like Heaven Anymore which, on a material world level portrays the horror of domestic violence in a relationship; and on a spiritual level the need to find our faith. If you check out the video, please watch it until the end, because this is where the statistics and resources are presented. Don’t settle for less than love, for you are worthy.