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July 30, 2013

A mantra can help you climb the ego wall to freedom. A mantra is a word, phrase, or paragraph that is repeated over and over again until the wisdom that it represents appears in your mind. Before you can consciously exist within pure thought (universal consciousness), you need human-level methods to help create the precursive experience of pure thought in your mind. There are many mantras that can be used, each based on its specific goal. Let us use the Compassion Mantra, in Sanskrit: Om mani padme hum. Repeat this mantra of compassion over and over for long periods of time. The goal of using this mantra is to eventually bring your mind to a state within which it thinks about nothing. If you perform this practice for a minimum of five minutes each day, you will eventually attain the goal. If you practice one hour a day, you will get there sooner. A mantra can help you climb the ego wall to freedom