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July 26, 2013

Just as color exists in unseparated continuity, so too does the density of thought. The human mind attempts to separate and categorize everything into discretely different pieces to satisfy its need for control. Both separateness and control are illusions. Therefore, our mind creates one illusion to maintain another. Our minds, when creating illusion, take us further and further from the truth. The various frequencies and densities of thought, light, or sound are not separated.

Many traditions will separate the density of thought into seven bodies of light, fourteen bodies of light, or a variety of separated pieces (e.g. physical, vital, emotional, mental, causal). Although teaching this illusion of separateness may prove useful in the introduction of concepts, if not further explained and experienced based on the truth of its unseparated continuity, we are substituting a conceptual example for the truth. This would be like telling someone that the black and white lines and notations of a music score are music, and then never allowing them to actually hear what music is. Most systems are useful, but unless they resolve into the truth of the unseparated continuity, they are only providing fragmented examples of something, rather than the truth of what it is. They may be a starting point, or a method of introducing concepts; but we must then continue until arriving at the truth. Therefore, we will not promote or reject any particular system, but rather demonstrate a unified way to experience creation and existence. Just as color exists in unseparated continuity, so too does the density of thought.