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July 25, 2013

What, for you, is the essence of life? Some say everything is energy. Others say it is thought. Others say everything is something, like matter or mass. The truth is that everything is made of this one thing that may be difficult to specify at this time in this way; but it exists and is applicable to all perceptions of it. If you see it as energy, then it will appear to be energy. If you see it as thought, then it will look like thought. I experience the pure essence of all things as vibrating light, or pure consciousness.

This primordial matter/energy/thought, which is one and the same, will exist and manifest itself in phenomena of various levels, frequencies, or densities. However you experience it, the manifestations of this pure essence range from the absolute heights of the unmanifested spiritual (pure universal consciousness)to the gross and dense materials of tangible mass.

Gaining awareness of, access to, and use of these dynamic principles will create possibilities beyond the realm of your imagination. What, for you, is the essence of life?