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Are there codes of dating and courtship?

Answer: Yes. According to Winnefred Cutler, Ph.D., in her book Searching for Courtship, here are 11 codes, or rules of dating and courtship.

1. You acknowledge biology’s rules and use his sexual attraction to you to negotiate for courtship.

2. You accept the legitimacy of your own needs.

3. You recognize the value in balance:on the one hand the merit of positive solitude and reflection; on the other hand the importance of retaining an active social life.

4. You communicate what you want.

5. You strengthen your capacity for self control and your dignity by taking command of your calendar.

6. You develop your capacity for honesty and your ability to detect deception.

7. You acquire basic hormonal and sexual facts.

8. You understand and live the dignity of good manners.

9. You recognize that a positive attitude engenders personal magnetism for attracting legitimate courtship candidates.

10. You recognize the importance of projecting a good impression, but nevertheless are slow to judge others.

11. You realize that there are many good people searching and muster the courage to end all romantic relationships that are not leading to courtship.