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Dr. Kai has been providing outpatient behavioral health care services within a private practice model since 1988. In 1999, on a lovely Monday evening in San Diego, an 11 year old boy came into his office and exclaimed, �I sure love coming to see my Talk doctor!� When asked, he explained that this was what his mother called counselors � talk doctors.

When Dr. Kai was preparing to leave the U.S. mainland and move to the islands, many of his clients wanted to continue working with him by phone or e-mail.

So TalkDoctors, as a phone counseling and on-line consultation service, was born through the vision of opportunity and the inspiration of a child.

The original website went live on January 3, 2000, providing phone counseling and on-line advice.

TalkDoctors, LLC was launched on January 1, 2007 in Hawaii, and once again began incorporating face-to-face counseling into its repertoire of services.