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Music by Dr. Kai

Dr. Kai is also a singer-songwriter, and recording artist; with the artist name “Fire Prince.” He began playing piano at age five, and was playing for his church by age eight. He then picked up sax, flute and guitar; and obtained a B.A./B.S. in music. In 1994, Kai recorded his first CD, and is now working on his fourth.

Fire Prince, a Kauai singer-songwriter, is known for his raw, sexy vocals and lofty, lucid lyrics telling tales of unvarnished truth streaming through a mellow, funky folk flow.

This upcoming collection features Fire Prince’s latest releases: Can You Hear Me Now?, Beautiful Tonight, Hanalei Pier, Courage and Publicly Cool…


FIRE PRINCE: BLESSING IN DISGUISE is passion with a purpose. Fifteen fresh, original new rock songs capture the artist’s raw sensual vocal and writing style. Variations on a love song theme speak directly to your heart. If you like highly polished, overly produced works; then these unvarnished pieces may not match your current furniture. But, whatever the case, your heart will feel alive.

BLESSING IN DISGUISE is dedicated to surfer Bethany Hamilton for sharing her faith, inspiration, and courage with the world. The title track was written for Bethany, following the October 31, 2004 shark attack on Kauai’s north shore. And, Bethany is singing background vocals with Fire Prince on the track!
Heroes, Saints, and Angels, a poignant tribute to the men and women of the U.S. military and their families, features Bethany Hamilton reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Soul Companion, the track currently being featured on Rock radio, paints acoustic watercolors of that special someone you know, or will someday find.

BLESSING IN DISGUISE also includes a 12 page, full color insert, containing Jimmy Irons Kauai surf art and all song lyrics! Check it out today!

This CD-single containing two inspirational power ballads is dedicated to the United States emergency services and military personnel and their families for what they sacrifice to keep our country safe and free.


HELP THE PEOPLE paints acoustic watercolors of life and love through the sensual strokes of the writer-artist. Thirteen original tracks weave this timeless tapestry of gentleness and desire.

HELP THE PEOPLE sketches dreams across your mind through a relaxing, sensual blend of folk and smooth jazz. Whether riding in your car, or concluding a sweet, romantic evening; this collection offers a peaceful, gentle haven for the heart. Enjoy steamy French poetry read over acoustic guitar, sax, and piano.

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