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I provide face-to-face, phone, and on-line services to help you with your mental health, marital, couple, and family needs. I make use of traditional therapeutic methods, education, coaching, and spiritual teaching to assist you with such concerns.

Helping marriages and couples survive and flourish is one of my passions. As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Hawaii and California, I have provided marriage counseling for nearly twenty five years with an ever-growing belief that nearly all marriages are worth fighting for, and that couples often do not realistically consider what life would be like if they divorced. The disposable mentality now permeating our culture makes it difficult for couples to sustain life long intimacy and commitment, but I believe that most couples can succeed if they make saving their marriage their highest priority. As a therapist, I work with people�s strengths rather than emphasizing their weaknesses. I help them see that what they experience as the problem may well be a step toward the solution. We often laugh, cry, and ponder together because we are all people with hearts, minds, and experiences. I am gentle yet direct, sometimes leading and sometimes observing while you lead each other. Being welcomed into the sacredness of a marriage is, for me, both an honor and a privilege. Helping you create a sanctuary of trust and safety within which you can face those challenges and fears together, within which each of you can take responsibility for your part in the solution, is something I would love to do.

I specialize in the following areas: