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Call for an Appointment 1-877-368-6000


A Safe Place to Get Help, Conveniently

If you are experiencing relationship or family problems, traumatic events, anger issues, codependence, drug or alcohol problems, stress, work-related concerns, a lack of personal growth or spiritual development, or major life obstacles; you came to the right place! Call TalkDoctors today at (877) 368-6000!

As with any counseling or consultation service, TalkDoctors offers no effectiveness guarantees. However, sometimes just taking that first step to talk to someone gets you started, and often you can manage independently from there. Sometimes you may need a little more help than that. Either way, we’re here for you!

TalkDoctors is no substitute for long term therapy. It is a practical form of problem solving which offers relief from the effects of difficult life situations. During the initial consultation we will help you determine whether or not you need more help than TalkDoctors can offer. If so, we will help you find it.

TalkDoctors provides you with professional help from the comfort and privacy of your home, office, or car. This eliminates driving time to and from an office, helps those with transportation problems, and solves childcare concerns.